the Association is open to active and credible individuals, health experts with clear professional track in their area of expertise, related to the purposes of the association. This may include but not only: individual experts, patients and patient advocates, experts from national and European institutions, academia, industry, healthcare professionals and specialists, as well as representatives of broad range of national and European health stake-holders including their organizations and other health experts from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (but not exclusively).

All experts considered part of CEE4Health  shall be obliged to promote the interests of the Association to the best of their ability, and to desist from any action injurious to the standing and purpose of the Association. They shall comply with the Association’s Statutes and with the resolutions of the Association’s executive bodies.

Admission to membership:

The Association is made of members of the General Assembly and members of the Experts Assembly (Experts). The number of members of any kind is unlimited.

New members can be invited and nominated for membership by other members of CEE4Health. Rules for identification and invitation of potential new members will be applied in Rules of Procedure issued by the Steering Committee.

The nomination for new members of the Experts Assembly must be made in writing to the office and/or to the Steering Committee and signed by at least three members of the Experts’ Assembly. The Steering Committee shall decide on admission to new members of the Experts Assembly