Medical doctor with almost 30 years of experience in healthcare and over 20 in health management at different levels of the Romanian healthcare system, starting from hospital level, as chief of department and medical director, then at county level – as Medical Director of the County Health Insurance House of Bacau, up to national level – as counsellor in Ministry of Health, but also as Health Outcomes & Pharmacoeconomics expert, Public Health Manager, Project Manager in the private sector.

Dr. Mardare has been involved in various projects, in different technical working groups at national and international level (shaping health legislation, health system reform, implementation of cross-border healthcare EU Directive, public policies elaboration, monitoring, implementation and evaluation, etc.) and she has over 10 years of fruitful experience in collaborating with patient associations. 

«I am determined to use my experience and knowledge trying to make a difference, to be involved in healthcare projects which are “good causes” and which have the potential to bring added value and I consider CEE4Health the ideal place for accomplishing these objectives. »

                                                                                                            Ileana Mardare



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