By creating a structured expert Think tank, the association aims to identify key hurdles in access to healthcare for patients in a holistic way. While the approach is to look at healthcare systems as a whole, the activities of the organization will be guided by a patient focus, from the assessment of gaps in access to quality healthcare among the CEE countries, to the collaboration with relevant regional or national initiatives and the development of solutions


CEE4Health enables individual experts and different health stakeholders to join forces to develop, drive and propose sustainable solutions to ensure equitable patients’ access to quality healthcare in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and neighboring countries.


Access to healthcare remains unequal among the countries in Europe, especially in the countries from Central and Eastern Europe. Information and knowledge transfer are a key requirement to identify gaps in access to quality healthcare between and within the CEE countries with their shared or specific needs. Through holistic collaboration with relevant regional or national initiatives, the Association will provide a much needed space for creativity, coherence and collaboration and propose sustainable solutions, pilots, innovative models of cooperation, transfer of knowledge and good practices, etc. from CEE and other regions of the world.