CEE4Health is a network of experts and stakeholder representatives from variety of health and health related areas, joining forces in order to improve health and healthcare systems in Central and Eastern Europe.

Structure & Network

The organs of the Association shall be the Expert’s Assembly, the General Assembly, the Steering Committee, the Chairperson, the Secretary General, the Auditors (Rechnungsprüfer) and the Arbitration Tribunal.

Members of the General Assembly are the individuals and/or organizations who are appointed during the Establishing Meeting of CEE4Health to take the required legal actions for the establishment of the association

The Experts’ Assembly consists of all members of the Association. The Experts Assembly has the leading role for setting and approving strategy, agenda, priorities, budget, annual reports, working plans, etc. for the Association.


The first Strategic Conference of CEE4Health will take place the beginning of 2019 in Vienna, Austria. The format of the two-day Conference will be a well-balanced mixture of presentations, informing and analyzing plenary sessions, as well as panel discussions focusing […]
On 29 June 2018, the Establishing meeting of CEE4Health was held. The event happened in the capitol of Bulgaria – Sofia, while the city was hosting the Presidency of the Council of the EU. The Establishing meeting gathered 17 experts […]